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Welcome to the official "HUB" of the ART Club. Your one stop creation station. Need an idea? We can help. Have an idea, but no clue how to make it happen?

We CAN Help?

This talented network of Mid-Michigan ARTists exist to bridge the gap between the artist and the artistically challenged. We are the contact point for the person(s) with a vision, to meet the people who can make that vision come to life.

ART Club Hub is the official home of "Hound's Tooth Carvings" Exquisite, one of kind wood carvings, made from reclaimed Michigan wood.


Sand & Snow Sculptures
BIG BOYS play in BIG Sand boxes, and ART Club’s sand box covers the entire state of Michigan. From Escanaba to Detroit ART Club builds Centerpiece attractions in Sand and Snow. Sand and water are two of the most basic and abundant materials on the face of the planet. As children, the sand box was the social hub of the playground. That same playground on a snow day was sure to attract every kid you knew.

It is really no coincidence that as adults we flock to the beaches and ski hills in droves. We love the feel of sand between our toes and the breath taking sensation of snow on our cheeks.

Which is really just a long way to say, “We never grew up.” We just kept on playing.

From sand castles and snowmen - to artistic monuments and center piece attractions. We have found a way to turn our passion into your vision.

Corporate Events

Corporate Promotions
Products and Logos
Corporate Team Building

Sand sculpting is a fantastic way to build morale and camaraderie among friends, team members and co-workers.
Our competitions and parties fascilitate important skills like:

~ Creativity
~ Communication
~ Leadership
~ Project planning
~ Time management
~ Collaboration

Community Events


Art Club artists can build a sculpture around your logo, your product or your image. Indoors or out doors, standing alone by it self, or as a part of a larger advertising campaign, a sand sculpture is a sure fire way to get people to take notice of your name.

Private Events

Engagements Parties
Birthday Parties
Graduation Parties
Retirement Parties

BIG or small, Indoors or Outdoors Rain or Shine


Premium Photo-Ops
"Put Your Head in Our Holes"
The BEST Head Holes are Michigan Made. Put your head in our Michigan Made Holes!

Also known as: face hole boards, peephole boards, fairground boards, cutout boards and character boards - Our "Head Hole" photo-ops break all the rules of the common photo-op board. Each design was skillfully created to incorporate humor, action, and artistry, by an in house artist for a specific genre.

We push the laws of perspective and break the boundries of the rectangle board with our exclusive perspective extensions.

These extentions allow specific design elements to burst from the photo-op creating a stunning optical illusion. Perfect for taking souvenier pictures over and over and over again and again and again.

Your business name, logo and/or contact information can be added to the design to create a perfect advertising storm.

ART Club "HEAD HOLEs" are an effortless social media marketing tool for any business.

It is no secret that everyone with a thumb carries a phone. Each of those phones is equipped with a camera that has a direct link to the internet and the world. Your business brand and info could potentially travel around the world before the person who took the picture leaves your venue.

Hounds Tooth


Inside of that tree is a work of art, that has been growing just for you.

Michigan’s Mitten grows the BEST trees, hands down. (No pun intended) A tree can take decades or even centuries to grow from seedling, to the end of its life cycle. During that time it provides oxygen to breath, shades from the sun and season after season of beautiful changing color.

When its life is complete, the tree continues giving to us by providing heat, when burned, lumber when split or soil when decomposed.

We at Hounds Tooth recognize that the tree has prepared yet another gift for us. If we are careful enough and creative enough, the miraculous gift of ART can be found hiding inside of every tree.

Our enviable job is to delicately expose the art, with the velvet touch of a chain saw.
Perhaps you already know what you want. Perhaps we can help you with an idea. Either way we can help you visualize it, by presenting you with several options on paper.

This way you see it, BEFORE we even start cutting it.

Once the design is approved, we begin our work.

Made in Michigan - Delivered to the World
When placed in the right
position, a person or people
become part of the illusion,
Putting them in very exciting
and virtually precarious situations.

The ART is designed to be seen from a single vantage point. It is from this point that the illusion is visually the strongest and the best place to take photographs.

Animorphic art is a very powerful
and attractive interactive optical illusion.

Our artists work with you and/or your staff to create a design that is both entertaining and informative.

Strong artistic aesthetics, combined with powerful optical illusions will put a spotlight on your business or event.
More ART
for More People

Viewed from 360 degrees, these 2-D drawings seem skewed and out of proportion from all angles except one. Viewed from the angle of the artist’s camera, our chalk drawings appear to sit up and jump off of the ground. This effect creates a one of a kind, eye catching illusion that will draw in a curious crowd. And because of its powerful 3-D characteristics, it creates a wonderful photo-op for ticket holders, clients, customers, employees or anybody that happens to be walking by.

Permanent or Temporary - Portable or Stationary
Horizontal or Vertical - Rain or Shine
Indoors or out of doors

Paint or Vinyl


Choose from our
ready made designs,
or have our artists
custom design an
Illusion just for your

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