Mr. Jonathon Martinez

Jonathon Martinez, of Hounds Tooth Carvings, travels the state of Michigan hopping from tree to tree creating his wonderful works of ART. He is as comfortable with a chainsaw in his hands as most artists are with a paint brush or pencil in theirs. He has the ability to see the sculpture inside the material before he begins to carve. Jon works on-site or at his studio, and always produces detailed drawings of the proposed sculpture. This allows the client to see exactly what the sculpture will look like before he makes the first cut.

Eagles, bears, owls and other woodland creatures are his specialty, but he can carve a pretty mean light house or piece of furniture just as skillfully. You name it, and he can carve it. When he is not knee deep in saw dust Jonathon can be found with the ART Club honing his sculpting skills carving sand, snow, pumpkins and clay.

Owl & Swing